Exploring Diamond Shapes: A Guide to Finding Your Ideal Sparkle

Exploring Diamond Shapes: A Guide to Finding Your Ideal Sparkle

When embarking on that exciting journey of diamond shopping, one of the key decisions you’ll have to make is picking the right shape. Diamonds come in many shapes, and each isn’t merely a matter of preference. Each shape boasts a unique appeal, representing a different style and aesthetics. This guide will shed light on diamond shapes and help you find the perfect sparkle to compliment your style. 

10 Types of Diamond Shapes: 

Oval Diamonds

Derived from the Latin word ‘ovum,’ oval-cut diamonds come in brilliantly elongated round shapes. They offer graceful symmetry with a timeless appeal, perfect for wedding and engagement rings and pendants. They’re durable, with well-rounded corners, so they’re less prone to chipping and damage. 

Oval diamonds seamlessly fit into a trendy and versatile style, blending elegance with sophistication. 

Round Diamonds

As the name suggests, round diamonds have a circular symmetry with several facets. They shine where the oval-cut diamonds fall short, with nearly all the light entering the diamond reflecting into your eyes - no dark areas or bow-tie across the middle. Round diamonds are popular because of their exceptional brilliance and versatility.

They’re versatile and ideal for a wide range of jewelry designs and suitable for traditional and classic styles. 

Heart-Shaped Diamonds

Heart-shaped diamonds are distinctive for their romantic appeal. They mostly feature triangular and kite-shaped facets, exuding brilliance and scintillation, making them a romantic choice for wedding and engagement rings. Their only drawback may be their lack of symmetry during the cutting process and lesser appeal in terms of popularity. 

But if you fancy them, they fit well into vintage and classic styles. They’re also the perfect gift option in a pendant necklace for a romantic partner.

Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess-cut diamonds are square or rectangular, mostly with pointed corners, with some shaped like inverted pyramids. They’re an extremely sought-after cut and produce quite a brilliant sparkle, perfect for almost any setting or occasion. Princess Cut diamonds are very common in men’s jewelry as well. 

Although their pointed corners can make them vulnerable to chipping, Princess diamonds offer a good balance between modern and traditional styles. 

Emerald Diamonds

Emerald-cut diamonds come in a rectangular shape, usually featuring a rectangular appearance with cut corners emphasizing elegance. They have an unmatched ability to showcase a diamond’s natural clarity, thanks to their elongated shape. Choosing an emerald cut is a way to showcase value.

However, they create an understated sophistication through their sleek lines and facets, making them suitable for classy and traditional styles. 

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion-shaped diamonds are known for their rectangular or square cuts but with rounded corners, blending modern versatility and eccentricity with a hint of vintage charm. While they have a romantic appeal, you can easily adapt them to various styles or settings. 

Cushion cut diamonds are timeless and classic cuts, perfect for any style. 

Pear Shaped Diamonds

A pear-shaped diamond usually resembles a teardrop, with a rounded base and a pointed or narrower tip. Whether you wear them as a pendant or a ring, they give off lots of sparkle. Plus, they’re noted for having an elongated effect on the finger when worn as a ring. 

Pear shaped diamonds are modern and fashionable, featured prominently in engagement rings and contemporary fashion designs. 

Marquise Diamonds

Regal and sophisticated appearance - that’s what you’ll get with marquise-shaped diamonds. Their pointed and oval-shaped appearance creates an illusion of a longer finger, just like the pear-shaped diamonds. 

Marquise-shaped diamonds have a contemporary appeal, even though you can also pair them with a vintage style. 

Asscher Diamonds

These diamonds feature square shapes with trimmed corners characterized by step-cut facets to create something like a mirrored effect. They exude elegance, as they have a unique charm coupled with geometric precision that makes them perfect for modern or classic styles. 

Radiant Cut Diamonds 

Finally, there’s the radiant-shaped diamond, perfectly combining the brilliance of round cuts with the elegance of emerald cuts. It’s usually in a square or rectangular shape with trimmed corners, creating a versatile look that can fit into modern and classic styles. 

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Each of the ten types of diamond shapes has unique advantages and produces different effects. Knowing which shape best suits your needs, budget, and taste will ensure your diamond is cherished for years to come.

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