Woman holding her dress and sustainable lab-grown diamond bracelet.

Sustainable Diamonds & Why It Matters

Sustainable diamonds are laboratory-created diamonds, with the advantage of producing a lower carbon footprint than mining for natural diamonds. You may be surprised to know that Industrial diamonds have been lab-created since the 1950s. Recent technological refinements are now enabling gemstone quality diamonds to be manufactured as well. The gems made are genuine diamonds in every sense of the word and are now very much in vogue for jewelry. See our brief guide of sustainable diamonds and why it matters to the buyers of these precious gemstones.

When Mines Run Dry

Diamonds are forever—if they’re sustainable, that is. All diamond mines eventually run dry, and finding new deposits is becoming harder.
For example, the famed Western Australian Argyle diamond mine, where eagerly sought-after pink diamonds came from, is now closed. Dwindling supply and needing to shift from open pit to riskier, higher-cost underground extraction made the mine economically unviable.

No doubt there are still many unfound sites where mining diamonds is possible, but high costs and a 10-20-year lag in getting gem-quality stones to market can work against viability.

As natural diamonds become scarcer, an alternative helps to keep diamonds relatively affordable for engagement and wedding rings. Lab-created diamonds are an increasingly attractive option, as the time to create and get the gems to market is comparatively rapid.

The Benefits of Sustainable Diamonds for Consumers

Large hole in the earth's crust and rock caused by unsustainable diamond mining

Lab-created diamonds are a more sustainable option over mined diamonds for several reasons:

  • Lower production costs and, therefore, lower prices for consumers
  • An overall lower carbon footprint
  • Less human atrocities, wildlife displacement and
  • Quicker time to market.
Mining diamonds is a high-cost exercise. First, there is the expenditure on exploration, securing sites, and meeting numerous environmental requirements. Then there is the cost of building the mine, which often means building roads or rail to provide access in remote areas. Then there is the cost of personnel, specialized tools, vehicles, and more to extract the desired material. Finally, after the mine has run dry, there will be the cost of remediating the mine site.
In comparison, lab-created diamonds are a much more efficient and a faster method of getting diamonds to consumers. The laboratory process enables the creation of diamonds in the short span of only 6-10 weeks and at decreasing costs. Lab production fees have dropped almost ten-fold over the last decade, a welcome result for diamond jewelry buyers.

Lab-Created Diamonds Can Have A Lower Carbon Footprint

In addition to the benefits of lower cost and quicker time to market, there are also environmental benefits associated with lab-grown diamonds. Depending on where the laboratories source their energy, there is potential for diamond production to be carbon neutral. For example, Latitude, a diamond-growing lab company based in Washington D.C., has announced that it has gone carbon neutral. No doubt this will lead to other labs following their lead.

How Certification Helps with the Sustainable Diamonds Industry

If you’ve decided to invest in diamond jewelry, not just for its beauty but for personal reasons related to sustainability, you want to be certain that you’re buying a lab-created gem. Laboratory-grown diamonds have a certification system separate from mined diamonds so that you can be sure of your diamond’s authenticity.
International Gemological Institute Sustainable Lab-grown Diamond Grading Report with details on the gemstone characteristics with graphics as well.
Depending upon the grading organization (for example, the Gemological Institute of America or the International Gemological Institute), you can request a grading report that details the characteristics of your gemstones. As the report is finalized, the diamond is also laser scribed with the Report Number and the words “lab grown."

Purchasing with Confidence

In this era of sustainability and environmental concern, consumers want to know more and more about their purchases. This information includes provenance, possible ethical conflicts, as well as the pros and cons of sourcing and assembling materials. If mined diamonds aren’t what you desire in your engagement or wedding bands, Carbon Diamonds can help. We can provide you with stunning Lab-Grown Diamonds as an eco-conscious and humanitarian alternative to traditionally earth-mined stones.

Bespoke Designs for Your Diamond Engagement Rings or Wedding Bands

When you’re happy with all your due-diligence efforts, you can confidently proceed to purchase. Knowing that your finances will be in a better state with pricing for lab-grown diamonds around 50 to 70% less than mined diamonds doesn’t hurt either.
At Carbon Diamonds, we make high-quality, sustainable diamond jewelry in an extensive range of designs. If something different in design appeals to you, come and talk to us in person or online about creating a Bespoke design that reflects your style and taste. Our highly skilled designers and crafters will not disappoint.