How to Travel With Jewelry Without It Getting Tangled

How to Travel With Jewelry Without It Getting Tangled

When you’re traveling, you want to look your best. So naturally, you want to bring along your favorite jewelry. But inevitably, you arrive at your destination with all your jewelry tangled into knots that take hours to undo–not exactly how you wanted to spend your time. Fortunately, that can be avoided. 

How to Travel With Jewelry Without It Getting Tangled 

Travel With Jewelry in Boxes or Pouches

The best way to store your jewelry is always in the boxes or pouches it came in. And that includes traveling. The containers that came with your jewelry have been designed specifically for storing those particular pieces, so they will always do the best job of both protecting it and keeping it from tangling.

So if you’re only taking a few items that will easily fit into your carry-on, consider packing them in their boxes or pouches. Secure small boxes with a rubber band so they don’t come open. And pack pouches within a plastic storage bag or small zippered compartment. Placing each pouch within its own plastic storage bag will also help prevent jewelry from falling out and becoming tangled during your trip.

Utilize Jewelry Organizers When Traveling

Sometimes, it’s just not practical to take all your jewelry in the original containers. In that case, the next best option is a jewelry organizer. A small jewelry box with padded posts and slots is a great choice. That’s because in addition to protecting your jewelry from scratches, the individual compartments and slots keep your jewelry from tangling.

Jewelry organizer rolls are also a good option when you need to travel with jewelry. They still have individual compartments and a protective cloth to keep your jewelry safe. But because they roll up, they also save space, which is helpful when luggage space is at a premium. And when your jewelry is snuggly rolled into an organizer, it’s less likely to move around and tangle.

Wrap Jewelry for Your Travels

The worst thing for diamonds is other diamonds, they can crash into each other and damage and scratch each other. So what if you don’t have a jewelry box or organizer handy? Wrapping your jewelry is an effective solution. And you can use items you already have on hand. Tissues or paper towels are excellent for both protecting your jewelry and keeping it from tangling. Simply lay each piece out on its own sheet of tissue, fold the edges over, and tape in place.

Plastic wrap and washcloths are also good solutions for keeping your jewelry from tangling while traveling. Use an individual sheet of plastic wrap for each piece of jewelry. Lay your jewelry flat, fold the plastic wrap over, and seal it in place. For washcloths, you can lay multiple pieces of jewelry out, as long as you leave space between them. Roll the cloth lengthwise, then fold it in half and secure the ends with a rubber band. 

If you use one of these methods, we recommend further packaging your jewelry within a storage bag to keep individual pieces from bouncing around in your luggage.

Travel With Jewelry in DIY Containers

DIY containers also make effective solutions when you need to travel with jewelry without it getting tangled. You probably have containers in your home right now that will do the job. Here are a few ideas. 


Straws are excellent for keeping necklace chains from tangling. Just insert one end of the chain through the straw, then close the clasp. The straw will keep your chain straight and tangle-free throughout your travels. 

Pill Organizers 

Pill organizers are perfect for storing small items like rings and earrings so they don’t end up in a pile of tangled jewelry at your destination. Consider adding tissue paper to the compartment to keep jewelry from being jostled during your travels.

Toilet Paper Rolls 

Toilet paper rolls are an inexpensive but effective way to store jewelry while traveling. For instance, clasp or hook your earrings through the roll. Fasten bracelets around the roll. And string necklaces through the roll to keep them from tangling.

Cardboard Sheets

Sheets of cardboard are also an effective DIY solution to travel with jewelry without it getting tangled. Simply cut slots at the top and bottom in a length that matches your jewelry. That way, you can secure necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and any other jewelry that is easily knotted within the slots to keep it from tangling.

Need Some Help With Your Jewelry? Our Diamond Experts Are Here to Help

With a little extra care, it is possible to travel with jewelry without it getting tangled. So try one of these methods on your next trip! 

Do you have more questions about what you need to know for jewelry care or maybe your Carbon Diamonds jewelry? We’re happy to help! Visit us in our showroom, give us a call, or contact us. We also offer professional jewelry cleanings and inspections at no charge. We recommend having your jewelry inspected annually to keep it in good condition. We look forward to speaking with you soon!