A Perfect Fit: How To Measure Your Ring Size

A Perfect Fit: How To Measure Your Ring Size

Finding the perfect ring is a momentous decision that excites the buyer and the wearer. However, one problem that plagues ring buyers and wearers is finding the right size. The last thing you want is to lose this love symbol because it was too loose on your finger. Even worse, one too tight causes great discomfort and prevents you from wearing them. This guide teaches how to measure ring size and get it right once and for all. 

Why The Ring Size Matters

Buying what looks like the perfect ring only for it to be the wrong fit can be frustrating. You may feel as though you failed to get value for money. It’s best to prevent this from happening in the first place. The ring size matters because it determines how well it will fit on the finger, and nobody wants to lose a prized possession like that. Finding the right fit enhances its appearance on your finger. 

Comfort And Wearability

An extremely tight ring restricts blood circulation, leading to numbness in the affected finger. It may also lead to skin irritations, including cuts on the areas where the ring comes into contact with the skin. On the flip side, one too loose can easily slip off and never be found - how horrifying it can be to lose an expensive ring! Unfortunately, many have learned the hard way, making it imperative for you to learn these lessons. Knowing your ring size helps prevent these inconveniences as you enjoy the comfort of a snug and well-fitting ring. If a diamond ring is too loose, the diamond is more likely to flip over and then you risk damaging your diamond. 

Avoid Costly Resizing

Everyone finds an incorrectly sized ring frustrating and a great source of anxiety. You can avoid these excess costs if the size is right in the first place. Ring resizing is a delicate process that involves carefully removing gemstones to begin the alteration. It is a lengthy procedure carried out by an expert jeweler, but even with their expertise, there is always a damage risk. Gemstones like diamonds may be improperly fixed, increasing the risk of losing a prized stone. That explains why an accurately sized ring is your best bet. It preserves the ring’s beauty, integrity, and original state. Resizing a ring once or twice is no big deal, but if you do it three or more times, the integrity of the metal may be compromised. If you buy your ring from Carbon Diamonds we will resize it one time after the initial sizing for free! 

How To Measure Your Ring Size At Home

Have you ever tried measuring your ring size at home? Perhaps you were compelled to use a sibling's or a trusted friend’s ring size to get it right with yours. People have admitted using different strategies and tricks to measure their fingers before buying a ring. However, there’s no point going through that hustle when you can conveniently try these widely approved ways to measure your ring size.

Use An Existing Ring

If you have an old ring that fits your ring finger perfectly, you have nothing to worry about. You only need to measure the inner diameter to get your size without taking that ring to the jeweler. You can use a caliper or ruler to take these measurements. However, please take note of the ring’s bandwidth. Thicker bandwidth rings often have a more snug inner diameter than a thinner one. That happens because the thicker bandwidth covers more surface area on the ring finger. It would help to use the band size as a guiding point.

Use A Ring Sizer

Not everyone has a ring sizer lying around at home, so it may be quite tricky to use this method. Fortunately, you can order one online or get them from jewelry stores close to you. Slide the ring sizer loops onto the right finger and note how each feels. Each size is indicated on the sizer, making it easy to purchase your desired ring online.

String Or Paper Strip Method

This is an old method that has existed through the years and has taken its rightful place in taking finger measurements. The string or paper strip method requires wrapping a string or paper around the base of the ring finger. You only have to mark where the paper or string overlaps to get an accurate measurement. The next stage is to measure the length of the marked portion on the string or paper and compare the values on a sizing chart. The key tip here is to mark where the string or paper overlaps at the finger's base.

The Best Time To Measure Your Ring Size

Did you know that your finger size varies throughout the day, and it’s due to factors like temperature and your activity level? Experts, however, recommend taking these measurements in the afternoon or evenings when many of these factors come into play. Morning measurements are not ideal because the body is not working itself into the day.

Find The Perfect Fit With an Experienced Jeweler in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

At Carbon Diamonds, finding the right ring size is a breeze. Feel free to come visit us in store so we can measure your ring size for you free of charge, or to get a ring resized. If you purchased your ring from us, we offer one ring resize for free! 

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