A couple during an engagement proposal on the beach, a great engagement idea.

7 Creative Engagement Proposal Ideas

Going down on bended knee to ask the love of your life to marry you is a long-held tradition. Entwined with this custom is the presentation of a diamond engagement ring, champagne, and flowers. While this is a lovely romantic tradition, sometimes a little creativity can be called for.

But first things first, make sure you have someone to capture the moment. Ask a friend or hire a photographer to document the special occasion. If you’re looking to spice up the occasion, here are seven creative engagement proposal ideas.

1. Switch out the Setting

Plan an alternative time and location from where your girlfriend would expect you to pop the question. So, for example, make a romantic dinner booking at a restaurant for a day that holds a special meaning for the two of you. If you’ve been in a committed partnership for some time, it wouldn’t be entirely unexpected for a marriage proposal to happen that evening.

However, arrange a casual get-together in a different location some days before the planned romantic dinner. The situation could be a picnic spot, a favorite walk, or a bike ride on a scenic trail. At a rest spot, you can pull out the diamond engagement ring and ask the question. It’s a slightly sneaky tactic, but worth it for the surprise it creates.

2. Revisit Your First Date Location

Creative engagement proposal ideas often involve a bit of subterfuge, which you’ll need to apply here. Lots of couples revisit the place where they first met from time to time. So this may seem an obvious locale where a marriage proposition could be made. You’ll have to think of a roundabout way to ‘accidentally’ arrive at this location together.

Perhaps the car appears to break down near a specific restaurant, even though you were heading for a different dining venue. Or, friends and family can be used to misdirect your girlfriend to the location. You’re creative. You can come up with an idea that’ll work.

3. Go to Great Heights for a Creative Proposal

There are several choices if you’re an adventurous couple with a head for heights and enjoy the great outdoors. Think about going for a joy flight, taking a parachute jump, climbing a mountain, or going on a hot air balloon flight. Make the activity seem spontaneous and unplanned, and it will be a complete surprise when she sees the diamond engagement ring.

4. Mix it up with a Hobby or Interest

What hobbies or interests do you two share? Is it music, sports, enjoying the outdoors, fine wine, and dining? Whatever the passion, find a way to incorporate it. Make the activity seem normal for the two of you with nothing out of the ordinary.

If your destination is outside the home, making special arrangements at the destination shouldn’t be too difficult. And if you’re going to be together at home, you can arrange a special delivery package. Upon opening the box, it will be obvious it’s a diamond engagement ring — the perfect time to propose.

5. Bring the Pets Into It

Now, this creative engagement proposal idea can be a little fraught. It depends on your pup or cat being well-tempered and not prone to skittishness. You could firmly attach a cute little sign stating ’Will You Marry Me?’ to the collar. Or even a tiny box with a mock engagement ring in it — it’s probably best to keep the valuable ring on you, just in case. Then send your furry little friend into the room where your girlfriend is relaxing and wait for her to notice.

6. Hide the Engagement Ring

How about hiding the ring in a unique item? For example, you could have a photo book with images of places you’ve been together. Add a sleeve at the back and insert the ring. Then go through new photos together in the evening and create the moment to pop the question.

7. Create a Bespoke Design

Here’s another way to create a memorable engagement proposal. Get a custom-made diamond engagement ring. If you know her jewelry style well, a Bespoke design jeweler can create a unique piece for you. A Bespoke designer will advise you on the most suitable precious metal to set the gemstones into, the best cut for the gems to maximize sparkle, and the overall pattern.

If you are struggling with the perfect engagement ring design before you propose, consider our loaner program. You pick out and purchase the Diamond that will end up on the final ring. We will set that diamond on the loaner ring so you can propose with it. She can wear and show off her Diamond while we make whatever her heart desires! After you design the ring together, we will transfer your Diamond off of the loaner ring onto the final custom ring.

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