A bride putting on her earrings after picking between studs or hoops for her wedding day.

Studs or Hoops: How to Pick Which Style of Earring Suits You

You know which styles of clothing are most flattering for your figure and which haircut really frames your face. But did you know that earrings play a big role in your appearance, too? Whether you choose studs or hoops, your earrings make a statement. Here’s how to pick which style of earrings suits you — studs or hoops.

Do Studs or Hoops Suit Your Face Shape?

The first thing to consider when choosing between studs and hoops is your facial structure. Do you have large, medium, or small bones? What about the overall shape of your face? Is it round, rectangular, oval, heart-shaped, or square? Knowing your facial shape and structure will help you choose earrings that complement it.

If you have a square, round, or heart-shaped face, hoops are flattering. They add length to balance out wide foreheads and jaws. In contrast, studs are an excellent option if you have a rectangular or oval face. They’re perfect for highlighting your cheekbones

Keep your bone structure in mind, as well. If you have a fine bone structure, chunky earrings will look too heavy. Opt for thin, delicate earrings instead. On the other hand, if you have a heavy bone structure, large, thick earrings will flatter your frame.

Do Studs or Hoops Suit Your Style?

The second factor you need to think about when choosing between studs and hoops is your style. Do you wear lots of flashy clothing or dress more conservatively? Do you typically wear plunging necklines or high collars? And what about your hair? Is it usually up or down? All these elements play a part in whether studs or hoops are the best choice.

If you love wearing unique clothing and letting your personality shine through, hoops are a perfect choice. But if you prefer a more subdued style or need to dress conservatively for work, simple studs are likely to be right up your alley.

Think of your earrings as part of your entire outfit. If you have a plunging or complex neckline, studs will keep the attention focused on your clothing. But if you have a simpler neckline, even if it’s low-cut, hoops balance it beautifully. Additionally, you’ll want to keep the hoops for times when you can have your hair pulled up away from your ears. That way, your hoops will be on full display. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your hair tangling around them.

Are Studs or Hoops More Suited to Your Life?

Earrings are beautiful, but it’s also important to consider your lifestyle when picking between studs and hoops. Think about where you plan to wear your earrings, how active you are, and if you need to fit a certain style at work.

Your career may determine the style of earrings you wear to work. If you have a more casual or artistic job, hoops are a great choice to show off your individuality. But if you need to keep the focus on the task at hand, studs are a better choice.

You should also choose studs if you have a job that requires a lot of physical labor, where hoops could be a safety hazard. The same is true if you play sports. The last thing you want is for your hoops to get caught and tear your ear. That’s why many jobs and gyms have rules about the types of earrings you can wear.

Studs or Hoops? How About Studs and Hoops?

Who says you have to pick just one style? Not us! Variety is the spice of life, so it’s totally fine to pick both studs and hoops. You may find that one style fits particular outfits better. Or you may love hoops but need to wear studs to work. Switching between studs and hoops is a perfectly valid choice. And it’s tons of fun!

But why pick just one style at all? Many people choose to combine studs and hoops, and the results are breathtaking! So if you have multiple piercings, consider a combination of both studs and hoops. Small, thin hoops with tiny studs create a particularly elegant effect.

The sky's the limit if you have multiple piercings, so experiment and have some fun! You may just find that a combination of hoops and studs is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Whether you pick studs or hoops, how your earrings make you feel is what matters most. As long as you feel beautiful, you’ve made the right decision.

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