Three pieces of jewelry that were old or vintage and were repaired, restored or redesigned.

Repair, Restoration & Redesign: Why You Should Keep Old Jewelry

Whether it was passed down to you by your grandparent or you collected it from your favorite antique stores, a piece of old jewelry with a past carries excellent value besides its extraordinary beauty, and refined elegance.

These sentimental pieces were hand-made by skilled craftsmen with extraordinary attention to detail and old-world techniques that modern designs can't match. However, these antiques can look tired and worn after decades of wear. If you own a piece from back in the day, a quality repair and restoration by a professional jeweler could return them to their former glory, or make something new out of it!

Here's why you should consider antique or old jewelry repair, restoration or redesign.

Redesigning Family Heirlooms

Redesigning family heirlooms preserves the sentimental value of the piece while updating the look and feel to something more practical or modern. An heirloom's value isn't necessarily monetary but deeply emotional.

Don't let your passed-down jewelry sit in your jewelry box. If the pieces don't match your personal tastes, have the experts at Carbon Diamonds redesign the jewelry using the materials from the old jewelry. Our experienced technicians can reset a stone, melt down the metal to create something different and unique to your style and taste or turn a necklace into a bracelet. Anything you can imagine, we can get done for you.

Jewelry is more than an object, it serves as a symbol for stories that deserve to be recounted and preserved indefinitely. For example, if a spouse has passed away, their wedding ring can help reconnect them to the other spouse. They can combine their spouse's ring with their own, or turn it into another piece of jewelry to wear and honor their late spouse. Rather than leave it hidden away in the box, consider redesigning it to keep loved ones connected to you.

Advantages of Antique Jewelry Repair and Restoration

A restoration process strengthens the piece's structure, repairs broken areas, and restores its original beauty. During a restoration, an expert jeweler examines the piece, assesses the work that needs to be done, and uses their skills to bring the jewelry back to how it originally looked.

The following are some of the reasons to restore your jewelry:

  • Gets back its sentimental value: A repair and restoration service can help restore old jewelry to its unique and original creation. At Carbon Diamonds, our expert master jewelers can check the structural integrity of the metals and stones and choose unique restoration solutions to make them shine again.
  • You get a perfect gift: There is no better wedding gift for a loved one than an antique piece of jewelry. Whether it is a pair of rings or necklaces, antique jewelry is laden with more meaning than its modern counterparts.
  • Keep your heirloom pristine: Family heirlooms carry sentimental value since they can be passed down through each successive generation. If you want to pass down your great grandmother's earrings or your great grandfather's tie clip, jewelry restoration and repair can help keep it in perfect condition. Wear your jewelry proudly and leverage restoration services to give it a new life as needed.
  • Provides learning opportunities: Restoring antique jewelry can also be an excellent opportunity to learn more about the piece. Working with a professional can be an excellent opportunity to discover intricate details of the piece.

Can I Restore Antique Jewelry on My Own?

Avoid DIY antique jewelry restoration at all costs. Antique jewelry aged over 100 years old is best handled by professionals. These pieces are delicate, and attempting to repair them on your own can result in further damage that may decrease their value.

A person trying to restore antique jewelry on their own with their ring and tools in hand.

One of the common issues with DIY antique restoration is clasp breaking and loosened parts. For example, its loose setting could pull right out while attempting to clean over a gemstone. Besides, you can easily break their clasps, bails, or stems and cause further damage. An expert in jewelry restoration and repair uses the correct tools and techniques for the job.

Contact Carbon Diamond for Custom Jewelry

Antique jewelry has a thrilling story to tell only if it could shine outside their jewelry box once more. If you own some old jewelry that looks tarnished and worn out, Carbon Diamonds can fix it up to sparkle and WOW the world again with its entrenching beauty.

We repair, restore and redesign all kinds of jewelry heirlooms. Ready for a consult? Call us today at 972-861-5330.