A man and a woman sitting at a dinner table while he puts on a new lab grown diamond engagement ring on his significant other's ring finger.

How to Jewelry Shop for Your Significant Other

Jewelry shopping for your significant other is often equally exciting and nerve-racking. You can’t wait to see your partner’s face light up when you present your gift. But you worry, too. What if she doesn’t like it? What if he won’t wear it? Fortunately, with a little advice, you’ll be able to choose jewelry that delights your special someone. We'll help you jewelry shop for your significant other.

Here’s how to jewelry shop for your significant other:

How to Match Their Style

The first thing to consider when jewelry shopping for your significant other is their style. Spend some time noticing the type of jewelry your significant other already wears. Is it big? Small? Thick? Thin? Does it have a lot of shine, or is it more subdued? Do they like simple designs or loads of stones? And is their style more elegant or whimsical?

Be sure to pay attention to the types of jewelry your significant other wears, too. Does he like watches or bracelets? Does she always wear necklaces or earrings? Paying attention to the jewelry your significant other already owns and wears will help you choose a piece that fits their style.

How to Tackle a Budget for Their Jewelry

Once you have an idea of the type of jewelry your significant other likes, you need to set a budget. Keep in mind that quality jewelry has a higher price tag, so plan ahead and save up for your gift, rather than choosing jewelry of lower quality.

How to Choose the Right Metal(s) for Your Significant Other

After you’ve thought about your budget and have an idea of the style of jewelry you’d like to purchase, it’s time to think about metals. Pay attention to the type of metal your significant other already owns. Some people have a definite preference for white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver, or platinum. If your partner has a strong preference, choose jewelry that matches.

Similarly, you should only choose mixed metals if you know your partner appreciates the way they look. If you’re not sure what type of metal your significant other likes, it’s wise to ask. You can always turn to family and friends if you want your gift to be a surprise. Alternatively, book a consult for expert help. We have over 40 years of experience helping people choose the right gifts!

How to Find a Ring

When it comes to shopping for a significant other, rings deserve a category all on their own. That’s because rings are often highly symbolic, so the decision to purchase a ring should not be made rashly. If you are not engaged and don’t intend to propose right away, you may want to avoid rings. Otherwise, it could create a very awkward situation when you pull out the ring box!

However, if you plan to propose or are already married, a ring is an excellent choice. You will need to know your significant other’s ring size. And you’ll want an idea of their favorite style and choice of metal, too. Don’t forget that we offer custom rings through Bespoke Design. So whether you want to design the perfect engagement ring or fashion a piece around a stone from a family heirloom, we can help you create the perfect gift.

How to Add a Personal Touch

Perhaps most importantly, the jewelry you choose for your significant other should be personal. Choosing jewelry that is personal, either to your relationship or your significant other’s personality shows that you care and put thought into your purchase. So think about what would be meaningful to your significant other.

For example, you could personalize a pendant with your significant other’s name, the date of your anniversary, or a sweet message. Show an appreciation for your significant other’s love of cats or nature. Express your love with hearts or love knots. Or just let your choice reflect an understanding of your significant other’s favorite colors, designs, and styles. The personal touch you place on your choice of jewelry is sure to make a positive impression!

Speak with Jewelry and Diamond Experts

If you are purchasing an engagement ring, remember that they spend more time with the ring than with you so take your time and you’re sure to get it right!

Jewelry shopping for your significant other may seem challenging, but following these tips will help you choose a gift they’ll cherish. And remember, our team of experts is always happy to help you choose the perfect jewelry. Book an appointment today to get started.